Sourcing at Oak Furnitureland

Here at Oak Furnitureland we have a real passion for solid hardwood - it’s in almost everything we do - and part of that passion is the recognition that we can help to influence and protect the global forests that supply our furniture. Learn more about our hard work in ensuring sustainable timber sourcing.

Sustainable and responsible timber sourcing

It’s important to us to have traceable and transparent sourcing, which is why we work to three high-quality standards for timber sourcing. Our Bronze, Silver, and Gold standards apply to all levels of our sourcing, from the forest to the sawmill, and the factory to the showroom.

We’re proud to say that this year, we have achieved completely Silver-level timber sourcing, bringing us a significant step closer to our ultimate goal of having fully FSC certified timber sourcing by 2022.

All our furniture meets one or more of our key quality levels.


Every single piece of furniture from us comes from sources with traceable, non-controversial, and legal practices. Our team regularly verifies this with site visits, and strict documentation checks.


We are currently operating with fully responsible and sustainable timber sourcing, which means that our sources adhere to strict forest management practices, fair working conditions, and environmentally-conscious business practices. Many are operating at FSC- certification levels already!


Nearly a quarter of our suppliers have FSC certification, thanks to amazing work across our European sources this year. We continue to grow this number every year, and help all our timber sourcing partners progress towards certification.

FSC Certification

We are working hard to have all our timber sourcing be FSC certified, and are progressing towards our goal of having complete certification by 2022. This is an extremely detailed process, and with less than 10% of the world’s forests FSC certified, demand is currently greater than supply!

Thankfully, nearly a quarter of our current timber sourcing has FSC certification, so we’re well on our way to meeting those goals. We also ask that our Silver standard sources carry out practices in lines with the principles of FSC certification, such as both responsible and sustainable sourcing, and are helping them to progress through the official process.

Where do our products come from?

We carefully track the material and manufacture origins of all of our products, with our sourcing team conducting regular site visits - all around the world.

The materials that make up our solid hardwood furniture, beautiful sofas, and slumber-inducing mattresses come from the USA, Europe, China, Vietnam, and India. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities are located in the UK, Vietnam, India, and China.


Sourcing Manager
"By personally visiting and vetting all of our diverse tiers of suppliers, I can ensure the whole supply chain is transparent. I also create professional relationships with our sources, working collaboratively to help to progress our sustainable practices, and guiding them to reach FSC certification.”


WWF timber scorecard

The WWF is an important organisation in determining sustainability and looking after the conservations of the natural world. In 2015 & 2016 we met with WWF to better understand the issues and actions required to achieve sustainability for timber and remain committed to taking action in line with the insights we gained from this engagement. We currently have a one tree rating on their Timber Scorecard, and are on a great track to improvement as we progress towards our ultimate goal of a fully certified supply chain by 2022.

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