Sustainable Timber Sourcing Policy

Our Commitment

Oak Furnitureland relies on wood for its businesses, and we recognise the positive influence we can have in protecting global forests through implementing responsible timber sourcing practices. Therefore, Oak Furnitureland is fully committed to the protection of global forests and respects the people and communities who depend on them.

We commit to continually improving our timber sourcing practices, while also publicly and accurately reporting on our progress against the requirements of this Policy.

This Policy applies to all the solid hardwood furniture sold by Oak Furnitureland.

Our Approach & Ambition

Our Approach and Ambition are based around our three standards for timber sourcing:

  • Bronze: Traceable, legal and non-controversial timber sourcing
  • Silver: Responsibly- and sustainably- sourced timber
  • Gold: FSC certified timber sourcing

We have requested and confirmed that all our manufacturers only supply timber that is from traceable, legal and non-controversial sources (Bronze) – and we are currently working at a Silver level, with all timber responsibly and sustainably sourced. Our plan is to continually increase the amount of sustainably- and responsibly-sourced (Silver) and FSC certified timber (Gold).

Our ultimate ambition is to have completely FSC certified timber sourcing by 2022, to meet our Gold standard . However we recognise that this is a challenge. Because less than 10% of the world’s forests currently achieve FSC certification, therefore, where there is a lack of availability of sustainably-certified timber, we pledge to only use sources that meet our strict guidelines for sustainable and responsible practices.

Bronze Silver Gold
Traceable, legal & non-controversial Responsibly and sustainably sourced FSC Certification
Timber that is from known sources and that is sourced in line with the requirements of the European Union Timber Regulations which prohibit illegally sourced timber entering the EU market. In addition we require suppliers to declare that timber supplied to us is non-controversial; i.e.:

  • Not illegally harvested
  • Not harvested in violation of traditional and human rights
  • Not harvested in forests in which High Conservation Values (HCVs) are threatened by management activities
  • Not harvested in forests being converted to plantations or non-forest use
  • Not from forests in which genetically modified trees are planted
Timber that meets all of our Bronze credentials, and is additionally sourced from sustainable and responsible forests.

Our Silver standards are verified by regular site visits from Oak Furnitureland to ensure our strict sourcing standards are met and that all official documentation is accurate.

We expect our Silver timber sourcing to meet the standards of FSC certification, and we help them progress towards achieving official recognition.

For example, the Chinese Government Forest Bureau is incredibly strict on forest felling, however they do not have FSC certification. We have ensured that our Chinese timber sourcing meets those international standards, and are helping them to reach certification.
Timber sourcing that meets all of our Silver requirements, and additionally is FSC certified. This means that every step in the timber sourcing process is officially recognised.

To date, less than 10% of the world's’ forests are FSC certified, which is limiting this resource. But the number is growing every year, and by commitment to our Gold standard we are helping to increase that number by promoting FSC to our supply chain.

Our Monitoring & Reporting

To ensure that we meet our requirements and we progress towards our ambition we always carry out the following actions:

  • Carry out appropriate risk assessment of our suppliers, including site visits to review forestry and sourcing practices of forest owners, processors and manufacturers in our supply chain;
  • Put in place risk mitigation measures as needed to minimise the level of risk in our supply chain;
  • Commission regular independent laboratory testing on samples of our furniture to verify the locations from which timber has been sourced;
  • Ensure that all shipments received from our suppliers are accompanied by chain-of-custody documentation in order to disclose the sources of timber and demonstrate legal compliance;
  • Continually update our supply chain mapping so we have full visibility of where our timber is sourced;
  • As required, work with monitoring organisations and certification bodies to review our sourcing practices and verify legal compliance.

We are actively working with our suppliers to help them progress through from Silver to our Gold standards, with the ultimate aim of helping them to achieve FSC certification, thereby enabling us to meet our ambition to secure sustainably-certified timber for the products we sell.

We maintain an open and transparent dialogue with stakeholders involved in our timber sourcing, including NGOs (non-government organisations) such as the WWF who are involved in campaigning for sustainable forest management and timber sourcing.

Our ambition over the coming years is to contribute to the widening of the FSC network, by having complete control of all stages of our supply chain from the forest through to the showroom, thereby meeting our Silver and Gold standards.

Policy governance arrangements

On an annual basis, we will review this Policy to ensure that it reflects best practice in responsible and sustainable timber sourcing. We will publicly report annually on the progress that we are making against the requirements of this Policy.

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Alex Fisher
Chief Executive Officer, JB Global Ltd.

December 2019